Tobacco Use

Resources – Tobacco Use


Cost of smoking calculator (see bottom right corner of webpage) (AHA)

What’s in tobacco smoke?

Institutional Resources

American Cancer Society (ACS)

American Heart Association (AHA)
(search on “Smoking”)

American Legacy Foundation

American Lung Association (mesothelioma cancer)

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

Connecticut Department of Public Health, Tobacco Use, Prevention & Control Program (CT DPH);=388060&dphNav;_GID=1601

Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF)
(search on “Smoking”)

National Cancer Institute (NCI)
(search on “Smoking”)

Nicotine Anonymous
1-800-QUIT NOW

Technical Assistance Legal Center (TALC)

Tobacco Use Prevention & Control Program (CT DPH);=388060&dphNav;_GID=1601

U.S. Surgeon General Reports (OSG)

Secondhand Smoke

Health consequences of involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke (OSG)

Secondhand smoke (MedlinePlus)

Secondhand smoke (CDC)

Secondhand smoke fact sheet (ALA);=35422

Secondhand smoke: Questions & answers (NCI)

What is secondhand smoke? (ACS)

Smoking Cessation

QuitLine (CT DPH)
1-866-END HABIT (1-866-363-4224)

Additional quit-smoking resources….
(search on “Smoking”)

Dejar de fumar – Spanish (ALA);=36787

Double your chances of quitting smoking (ACS)

Helping a smoker quit: Dos & dont’s (ACS)

How to avoid weight gain when quitting (AHA)

Quit smoking (CDC)

Quit smoking – English (ALA);=22937

Quitting smoking: Help for cravings & tough situations (ACS) You can quit smoking now (

Stop smoking: Resources & tools for quitting (AHA)

Top 10 reasons to quit smoking (NHLBI)

Women’s Independence from smoking (HHS)

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State of Connecticut, Department of Public Health, Protective Health Assessment, 2008.
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