Resources – Healthy Diet


U.S. Obesity Trends (1985 – 2006) (CDC)

Education / Reference

Add a little spice (& herbs) to your life! (U of NE)

Aim for a healthy weight (NHBLI)

Cook’s thesaurus

Dietary guidelines for Americans 2005 (USDA)

Face the Fats (AHA)

Fast Food Nutrition Facts Calculator (

Find a nutrition professional (ADA)

Food (consumer. gov)

Food Exchange List (NHLBI)

Food safety fact sheets (USDA)

Grill it safely! (U of NE)

Harvard’s Healthy Eating Pyramid (HSPH)

Harvard’s Healthy Eating Pyramid – illustration (HSPH)

How can I cook healthfully? (AHA)

How to understand & use the nutrition facts label (FDA)

Ingredient substitutions (CO State)

Ingredient substitutions: Baking (U of IL)

Measurement conversion tables (USDA)

Modifying a recipe to be healthier (Ohio State)

My grocery list (AHA)

My money-saving tips (HHS)

My Pyramid: Steps to a healthier you (USDA)

Nutritive value of foods (USDA)

Play it safe with food (HHS)

Portion distortion! (NHLBI)

Shopping: What to Look For (NHLBI)

Sodium intake quiz (assessment) (AHA)

Test your nutrition facts panel IQ (Yale)

Tips for eating out (AHA)

Tips for using herbs & spices (instead of salt) (HHS)

Use seasonings instead of table salt (AHA)

What counts as a cup (fruits & vegetables)? (CDC)

Institutional Resources

5-a-Day Program (CDC)

Calculate your BMI (English) (NHLBI)

Calculate your BMI (Spanish) (NHLBI)

Nutrition Program (CDC)

Obesity Program (CDC)

Older Adults

AARP’s Recipe Guide (AARP)

Eating well as you get older (NIH)

Organic Food

Farmers’ Markets

Organic Food Standards & Labels: The Facts (USDA)

Organic foods

Organic Kitchen

What you should know about organic foods

Recipes & Menu Planners

A healthier you: Recipes (HHS)

Cookbooks for kids (USDA)

Delicious decisions (AHA)

Eat a variety of fruits & vegetables every day: Recipes (CDC)

Eat better (HHS)

Flavor foods with healthy rubs (ADA)

Fruits & Veggies – More Matters: Recipes (PBHF)

Great American health challenge: Recipes (ACS)

Healthy cooking with spices & herbs (U of NE)

Healthy recipes (Mayo Clinic)

How do I change recipes? (AHA)

Interactive Menu Planner (NHLBI)

Keep the beat: Heart-healthy recipes (NHLBI)

Nutrition in the Kitchen – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHP)

On the menu (PBHF)

Recipe & meal planner guide (NDEP)

Recipe corner (AICR)

Recipes & tips for healthy, thrifty meals (USDA) (Recipes. Com)

Singing the praises of beans (U of NE)

Stay young at heart: Cooking the heart-healthy way (NHLBI)

Traditional cookbooks (AHA)

Virtual grocery store: Recipes (ADA)

When delicious meets nutritious: Recipes for heart health (NHLBI)

Recipes & Menu Planners – African American Cooking

Heart-healthy home cooking African American style (NHLBI)

Recipes & Menu Planners – Latino Cooking

Delicious heart-healthy Latino recipes / Platillos Latinos ¡Sabrosos y Saludables! (NHLBI)

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State of Connecticut, Department of Public Health, Protective Health Assessment, 2008.
Funded by the National Governors Association Healthy States Initiative.