Resources – Cholesterol


High Blood Cholesterol

Cholesterol questions to ask your doctor (downloadable) (AHA)

Common misconceptions about cholesterol (AHA)

Food certification program (AHA)

Know your fats (AHA)

Live healthier, Live longer (NHLBI)

Risk assessment tool for estimating your 10-year risk of having a heart attack (NHLBI)

Test your cholesterol IQ (AHA)

Test your cholesterol IQ (SparkPeople)

Trans Fat Help Center (No Trans Fat NYC)

Institutional Resources

National Cholesterol Education Program (NHLBI, NIH) (NCEP)

Medications & Patient Safety

Checklist for taking prescription medication (AHA)

Cholesterol-lowering drugs (AHA)

Drug therapy for cholesterol (AHA)

How to get a checkup on your medications (AHA)

Questions are the answer: Get more involved with your health care (AHRQ)

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State of Connecticut, Department of Public Health, Protective Health Assessment, 2008.
Funded by the National Governors Association Healthy States Initiative.